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The beginning

Ever since I was a teenager (a long time ago...) a lot of my work has revolved around everything that has to do with music.

How did it all start and why was the ORCA Music Bunker created?
Read it yourself:


In the 80s my great passion for everything to do with music, mainly metal, began.

First legendary concerts, for example in the then Volkshaus in Zurich, of course in the 1st row! That's how it started. I also played drums myself in a wide variety of formations. This hobby has stayed with me to this day.

At least one tour book was needed as a reminder at concerts. Later, wherever possible, an autograph from the bands. I have attended hundreds of concerts over the years.

In my free time, whenever possible, I went to various record shops to discover new music. Even on vacation and city trips, the trendy shops there had to be visited.

Over the decades, an extensive collection of sound carriers, memorabilia and autographs has accumulated. Much to my wife's "delight" boxes were piled up everywhere.

This gave rise to the idea of passing on part of this collection(s).

I started with various record exchanges throughout Switzerland.

Meeting like-minded people is always a great experience.

In addition to the almost therapeutic effect of letting go of many great pieces, it was of course inevitable that one or the other new piece was added again.

So my collection didn't really decrease...

I also had the opportunity to present two exhibitions with a small selection of autographs in the «Auberge Passepartout» in Zeihen. The 1st exhibition with originally signed LP covers and photos of musicians. The 2nd exhibition with original autographs of actors.

During the unspeakable pandemic phase, in which hardly any concerts and exchanges could take place, the desire grew to set up my own small shop where I can make some of my treasures accessible.

Suddenly there was enough time. After a long search, we found appropriate premises and began with the construction and expansion.

A name for our shop was quickly found. My absolute favorite animal had to serve, the ORCA! And the bunker is not just a term, our premises are actually in a former ammunition depot with meter-thick walls.

Convince yourself, you are very welcome in our ORCA Music Bunker, which has become a reality!
An online shop is also in the works

We look forward to a great and exciting time!  

ORCA Music-Bunker Innenansicht
ORCA Music-Bunker Logo



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